Europe Unleashes Crazy Frog On US

I'm quite appreciative of the European influence on American culture. There's nothing I like better than putting on my beret, heading down to the English pub downtown for a Guinness and some corn dog nuggets (which I believe are Swedish) before watching Das Boot, or any of the totally awesome TV shows they've exported… » 8/04/05 7:00pm 8/04/05 7:00pm

Nokia 8800 Reviewed (Verdict: Well, At Least It's Shiny)

In the pursuit of wireless shiny things, you're not likely to find anything much shinier (or more wireless, for that matter) than the Nokia 8800. Sadly, it doesn't sound like it's got much going for it apart from that, according to a review from infoSync World: a fairly boring set of features, including a mediocre… » 8/04/05 12:41pm 8/04/05 12:41pm

LG's 5-Megapixel Cameraphone Won't Bulge Your Pants

Five-megapixel cameras aren't anything to get too excited about in South Korea, with models available from a few vendors for a while now. But most of them have been fat photo-taking silver bricks that happened to have a cellular radio shoehorned in. But LG's Dica phones it will sell there come in at just 18.4mm… » 8/03/05 5:30pm 8/03/05 5:30pm

KDDI's Phones Look Better Than Yours

It's not like KDDI's got anything to prove when it comes to its phone design cred, what after models like the Penck and the Talby, but they went all "pshaw" after seeing DoCoMo's attempt earlier today at a design handset and dropped the W32H for its WIN EV-DO network, a phone probably best described as "slick. With a… » 8/02/05 3:56pm 8/02/05 3:56pm